William Sala in auto con StigYesterday at the Autodromo in Monza there was the press conference dedicated to journalists, bloggers, special guests to present the “Top Gear Live” event, the amazing motor tv show that for the first time will come to Italy at Paraolimpico in Torino the 5th and 6th of July 2014.

The “Meet the Stig” day made by BBC Worldwide and Sub Zero Ltd, in collaboration with Brand Events Italia, besides present to us the show of Torino, offered to 20 selected persons the chance to live an unforgettable emotion on board of three amazing cars riding by the mysterious racer Stig, the only guest of the Top Gear team.

A Lamborghini Gallardo GTR super trofeo by Team Bonaldi Motosport, a Jaguar FTYPE 5.0 R V8 by Jaguar Italia and last a Maserati GT trofeo, with which I had the pleasure to take a ride with Stig.

After the presentation of the Torino event, I could finally race the track.

Sting comes out of thin air, as usual fully covered by his uniform: coverall and helmet. He is not a big talker, he gets closer to the car like a soldier, he poses for few photos and then he jumps into the first car.

We are divided in groups made by 5 people, and every group has his own car: the Lamborghini is the first one.

We are very impatient for our turn; after every ride Sting gets out of the car and poses for more photos, and then gets into the next car ready for the next ride.  Finally it’s my turn. I take on the helmet, jump into the car and I am immediately binded up with the belt, Stig ties himself too and we are ready to go!!

Wow amazing. The Maserati is awesome, it has a fantastic sound; Sting is great and gives such beautiful emotions.

We can only wait for the Torino event to see the surprises that the fabulous showmen of Top Gear Jeremy, James and Richard will give to us; we will shortly publish the next article where you will watch the original video from the editorial staff!

I greet you all with a photo gallery of the “Meet the Stig”.

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See you next time!
William Sala